Membership Information


Registration and payments are handled through our online system. This system is hassle-free, secure and convenient.ý

Each student is responsible for their individual annual registration fee.

$40 1st Athlete, $30 2nd Athlete, $80 total for a family of 3 or more.

There is no registration fee forýspecial events or camps.

Recreational classes are all re-occuring. If you chose to discontinue with a classýplease stop by the desk or contact us through email to drop your class before the 15th of the month prior. If you chose to drop after the month has started there will be a $25 late drop fee.ýWhen a special eventýor camp is finished, you do not need to un-enroll. You will not be charged again until you select another special event or camp.


Tuition is charged on the first of each month at the following rates:

  • 45-minute class each week, $60ýper month (Guppies)
  • 60-minute class each week, $70ýper month (Minnows, Starfish, Marlins, Dolphins)


For recreational classes, tuition is charged on the first of each month. Tuition is based on an annual amount divided into monthly installments.

Forý camps and special events, tuition is charged the day of registering for the camp or event.