AcroSport Recreational Class

Our developmental classes emphasizes on success and a positive approach to learning, skill acquisition, and participation. We know that not every child desires to become a competitive gymnast, yet every child thrives on a positive experience about themselves and accomplishing personal goals in their gymnastics. A strong base is built, with safety as the primary goal, for future skills whether in gymnastics or another sport. All four events are taught as well as trampoline and strength.

Parent & Tot

Tadpoles (Ages 1.5-3 Yrs)

Get a jump start on balance, coordination, fine motor skills and the basics of gymnastics. This class is designed for children who have begun walking up to 3 years old. Our staff will teach you to be your child's coach and hands on spotter as you navigate our obstacle courses and explore weekly themes that promote early learning skills for your little gymnast.

  • This is a 30 minute class

  • Parent participation required


Guppies (Ages 3-4 Yrs)

These 3-4 year olds are working with our great staff to learn the basics of gymnastics. This class incorporates obstacle courses as learning stations while expanding on the skill levels of each child. We teach beginner rolls, the foundations of a cartwheel and much more, all in a safe and structured environment.

  • This is a 45 minute class

  • Parent Unassisted

Level 1

Minnows (Ages 5-7)

Starfish (Ages 8 & Up)

This is the beginner level in the developmental recreational program.  These classes are designed to learn the building blocks of gymnastics in a disciplined, yet fun recreational class. Handstands, rolls, cartwheels, pullovers, bridge kickovers and so much more to learn!

Level 2

Marlins (Ages 7 & Up)

This is the 2nd level in the developmental recreational program.  No obstacle courses here! This class takes the basics to the next level! Our staff teach all four Olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor) and begin introducing strength rotations that are necessary to progress through the sport.